Here are some useful IBM/AIX/UNIX Links that you may also find useful:

AIX Quicksheet – This is a great quick reference for a lot of useful commands that you may require on a day to day basis.

developerWorks – IBM articles, tutorials, and technical resources for AIX and UNIX users

IBM AIX Wiki – A collaborative site for technical information related to AIX. Anyone can view the content of this wiki, however if you would like to contribute you will need to Log in.

IBM Power Systems Information Center – The IBM® Systems Information Center contains information about the IBM® Power Systems™ servers. IBM Power Systems is the name of the family of servers based on POWER® processors.

IBM System p and AIX Information Center – IBM® System p and AIX Information Center is your source for technical information about hardware and software solutions for the IBM System p platform.

IBM VIOS (Virtual I/O Server) – Support for Virtualisation products with links to readme’s and other technical information for VIOS

Ryans Tech Notes – Ryan Tangs write-it-down-before-I-forget-it Tech Notes blog with some really useful AIX tips and tricks.