Hi there, my name is Mike Scheerer and I would like to thank you for taking time out of your valuable day to check out my site. A lot of life has passed me by and this is my opportunity to give you a brief fly past of …me and …my life.

I am now over 60 years young, working for Air IT Ltd., as a Senior IT Consultant. I currently live in the village of Cosby in Leicestershire, UK, with my partner Sharon (she truly does deserve a medal for putting up with me).

Together, we are always looking for a suitable opportunity, such as a lottery win (we can all dream can’t we), to make a permanent move to our favourite UK location, somewhere in the area of Porthleven in Cornwall.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of call for IT Consultants in Cornwall, not a lot of call for enterprise class computers from surfers, hotels, restaurants or Cottage rental companies, so a lottery win looks like the only way we will get to make that move before we retire.

I am the proud father of 3 grown up and very independent adults. My son Ben emigrated to Australia, several years ago with his wife and family and serves in the Australian Air Force. My daughter Lee, after 9 years serving in the Royal Air Force, is now a qualified Physiotherapist. My youngest daughter Chelsea is currently in a Primary School Teacher (brave girl).

I work for Air IT Ltd., as a Senior Technical Consultant and spend most of my days working with and supporting clients running all types of combinations of Servers and Storage solutions. I have spent a great many years specialising in systems running a variety of Unix operating systems, these days I don’t do a lot of work with IBM AIX, however, we are noticing a large shift to more cost-effective Linux systems such as Red Hat , SUSE and even Ubuntu, so my time spent with Unix seems to be diminishing as the years go by. I have also invested a great deal of time over the past 10 years working with VMware and have to say that after many years working with Unix, I am really enjoying the work with VMware and proud to have been deeply involved in a large number of successful VMware deployments, with a wide range of clients.

When I can drag myself away from work and my computers, I love spending time with my partner Sharon and our Doberman, Wilson, either travelling, walking, striving to take some acceptable photographs or just chilling watching TV and Movies.

You can always contact me through my place of work, particularly if your reason for contact is IT or business related.

If the contact is of a personal nature, then I would ask that you please respect the fact that this is my place of work and I will not be at liberty to discuss personal matters during working hours, so if the nature of your enquiry is personal then please use the contact form below or leave me a comment.

Mike Scheerer
Mike ScheererSenior Technical Consultant

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