We were up bright an early to watch the sun come up over Niagara Falls, freshened up and packed our stuff once more for a long 325 mile drive to our next stop at the Travellers Rest Motel in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

We crossed the border from Canada back into the USA just before Buffalo, NY which is the home of the original Buffalo Wings that we all know and love so well (or at least I do, mmmmm, finger licking good).

Our drive took us quickly through New York state, where we passed through Leicester (how weird is that), it certainly looked a lot nicer than the Leicester that I know and “love”, how cute is that Leicester Railway Station. A short while after passing through Leicester we stopped for a hearty American breakfast of bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, toast and some tea and coffee, which was freshly cooked and gratefully received,  in a great little local diner, which I wish I had noted the name of so that I could give it a deserved mention because it really was that good.

After our rest stop, we hit the road again and once more we were surprised to also pass an exit signposted Bath as we headed onwards towards the Pennsylvania State line.

Once we got to the Pennsylvania State line, which rested in a beautiful scenic valley, we were once again blessed with glorious sunshine for our travels, so we made another rest stop and got the chance to take a few photographs.

Unfortunately due to the distance that we needed to travel there were not too many opportunities for photographs, so this day will be quite a short blog entry.

For all you Transformers fans out there, we did get to see some of Optimus Primes distant cousins, you just got to love these American trucks, they look absolutely amazing and what about the size of those caravans, or trailers if you want to use the correct American term, they certainly look like they would contain some home comforts don’t they?

Whilst looking at the view over the valley we noticed a pretty large caterpillar mooching about in the undergrowth, that was some big caterpillar and I would love to see the butterfly that comes from that caterpillar, because I am sure that it would be a pretty spectacular one.

After our rest stop at the state line, we headed off and ploughed on down the Interstate towards our destination, which was Dutch Amish Country.

Our ultimate destination was to be Intercourse, PA located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, which is a village rooted in the Amish community with tourism and farming being the major industries, the village is home to a large number of craft shops selling Amish crafts and foods as well as Amish Horse and Buggy rides for the tourists.

Due to the sexually suggestive nature of the name of the village, the town sign’s are frequently targeted by thieves.

We arrived at our destination, The Travellers Rest Motel,  shortly before 5.00pm and checked into our room and headed out for a quick bite to eat before returning to the room and getting some rest so that we could be fresh and ready for our Amish Tour the following day.