Welcome back to Part 2 of our busy day at Niagara Falls, there is so much to fit in and although we have another night here in Niagara Falls, staying at a different hotel we will need to be getting away quite early tomorrow morning so there is still a lot that we have to fit in today, so let us proceed.

As we make our way to the Journey Behind the Falls attraction we take the opportunity to look in awe on the incredible power of mother nature and the enormous volumes of water that continually flow (except occasionally during the severest winters when the Falls have been known to freeze).

It is very difficult to put into words just how incredible the sight of this enormous waterfall is, and it is something that only the actual experience of seeing them in person will ever imprint upon your mind and soul.

I was particularly taken with the view of the falls from its very edge, when you can almost touch the water as it cascades over the edge, and the fact that the spot itself has not succumb to the screams of health and safety restrictions, with high fences and safety rails to spoil the view is one that I will always remember.

I have shared a relatively short video of our experience at the Edge of the Falls, which I think will give you all a little insight as to  the experience, which I hope you will enjoy.

So, after our views of the Edge of the Falls, it was time to head towards our next attraction, the Journey Behind the Falls, which promised to be another memorable experience. I can assure you, it does not disappoint.

We traded our sporting Pink Ponchos for some new Blue ones and headed down in the lift to first experience the ear splitting sounds of the Falls from behind at the Great Falls Portal and found some interesting information along the walls as we followed in the footsteps of many a famous visitor.

Then it was time to venture outside and experience the Falls from the underside and get a little damp from the spray, but it was all worth it to experience another side of the Falls.

Well, your insight into our experience would not be the same without another video to give you the full look and feel of the Journey Behind the Falls. Keep a listen out for my rather feminine sounding “Say hello babe!”, don’t know what happened there, perhaps my jeans were a little tight…

We had a lot of fun and got well sprayed down with water, but thankfully the poncho’s kept us dry enough and it was now getting late in the afternoon and time to head back to collect the car and move to our next hotel The Oakes Hotel (Overlooking the Falls).

We thought about taking the free bus service, which we were entitled to use as part of the Niagara Falls Classic Adventure Pass,  but felt that we could do with the walk. I did perhaps live to regret that decision as it was certainly quite a climb back up the hill  (where was my inhaler when I needed it – hang on a minute, I don’t use an inhaler, but it was a close call).

On the way back to the Moment in Time Bed and Breakfast where we had left the car, we did get a chance for a better look at the Ukranian Catholic Church, which was a building that we had noticed the previous night on our walk home, and it was even better in the daylight.

We collected the car and headed over to the new hotel to check-in and head up to our room, which was to say the least totally amazing, and as for the view, well check out the photos and tell me that is not AMAZING!!!!

Panoramic view from our Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls Suite

The hotel room was incredible, and just to give you a quick idea, here is a short (rather wobbly) flythrough video of the entire hotel suite, that was all ours for the night.

Needless to say, with a room like this we wanted to make the most of it, so we decided that takeaway food was the order of the day, and went out to Dominos to grab a couple of pizzas and then headed back to the room to make the most of the evening light show at the Falls.

The light show certainly did not disappoint, and there was a special event that evening too, when they lit up the falls totally YELLOW in recognition of all those who had suffered the ravages of Cancer, which was quite moving.

Sorry about the quality of the night photos, I really should have had a tripod.

Mental note to self, buy a tripod… Guess what, I have one now, but too late for this trip.

I think you will agree that our decision to stay in the room was not at all misguided, and after that there was only one thing left to do, get a good nights sleep before our long trek from Canada to Pennsylvania in the morning.

So goodnight all and we will leave you with a short, shaky video of the Falls by Night…