I have been using a Devolo dLan 500+ Triple Powerline adapter in my home for just over 2 years now to extend the network from my Virgin Media router which is located downstairs to our office located in the spare bedroom upstairs and it has performed admirably.

Imagine my shock earlier today when I had lost all network connectivity to my iMac in its workplace upstairs, resulting in my having to rely on solely on a wi-fi connection. It turned out that after a short amount of investigation the Triple Adapter was totally dead and no longer receiving the network signal from the downstairs transmitter unit.

What’s the problem, I hear you ask, well, not really that much as far as my iMac was concerned, but it did affect a number of my other devices, such as my Lightwave RF Wireless Link unit and most importantly my direct attach NAS Storage that rely solely on the wired connection that was provided by the Devolo dLan 500+ Triple.

It was time to investigate the warranty, so, a search through my receipts turned up the Curry’s receipt from the 18th February 2013, which immediately had me considering that the warranty must have expired. However a quick visit to the Devolo website showed that the Devolo dLan products are provided with a 3 year manufacturer warranty, so it was time for a quick visit to my local Curry’s/PC World Megastore complete with the 2 Devolo units and my receipt in hand.

I was expecting to be told by the Curry’s customer service desk that the warranty would have to be taken up with the manufacturer, but much to my surprise, after checking the information and the receipt, I was told that I could select a replacement unit to the same value as my original purchase.

233692768alt1So it was off to the Networking section, where the only similar unit available was the upgraded Devolo 650+ Triple, which I decided was a suitable alternative and returned to the customer service desk.

Much to my surprise the new Devolo dLan 650+ Triple was in fact cheaper than the purchase price of my previous 2 year old Devolo 500+ Triple and I was offered a refund of the difference in the price. OK, it was only £4.00 but still, it was offered and gratefully accepted.

I have to admit, that I do purchase quite a number of my electronic gadgets from Curry’s as their prices and most importantly immediate availability, normally negate my impatience at having to wait for internet order deliveries, unless I am not in a hurry. So, all in all, I have to put my hands up and praise Curry’s for their amazing customer service and give them a big thumbs up and say that sometimes saving a few pounds by ordering over the internet is not ALWAYS the best policy.

Thanks to Curry’s my home network was only down for a total of 45 minutes, and I was back up and running.