Do you ever find yourself out and about when the dreaded “Low Battery” warning strikes?

There are a large number of external battery solutions available that will assist you to mitigate this problem quite quickly, and I have had the opportunity to test one of the latest devices from RAVPower over the past couple of weeks, and I would like to share my findings with you all.

The device in question is the RAVPower Xtreme RP-PB26 External Battery, an absolute powerhouse offering a full 18200 mAh of power that will boasts that it will charge an iPhone 6 completely 6 to 7 times or a Samsung Galaxy S5 upto 4 times.

PR_PB26_c.jpgThe amazing thing with this battery is the fact that it offers not just 1, but 3, separate external USB Charging ports offering 1A, 1.5A and 2.4A charging options, and as an added bonus it features a handy flashlight function, useful if you get caught unexpectedly in the dark.

Some may think that the unit is a little bulky, measuring in at 6.6 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches, however it will fit quite nicely into most laptop bags and weighs in at a comfortable 14.6 ozs.

The unit comes with a handy backlit LCD display that provides you with easily readable and valuable information, such as the remaining charge and also information on the discharging USB outputs that you are currently in use.

The battery can take a little time to charge up using the 2 different length, supplied USB/Micro USB cables, but this can easily be done overnight, or simply topped up at any time that you find yourself with an available power point.

When supplied the battery came out of the box with a healthy 89% charge, so it could be used straight away if you happen to purchase it when an urgent need arises. However, I placed mine straight on charge and topped it up to a full 100%, before starting my own testing.

Once fully charged, I managed to completely charge my iPhone 6 from 10% to 100% charge in 1hr and 55 minutes, with the remaining charge showing as 86%, which by my calculation would give me the stated 6 full charges and a little more.

1_RP-PB26-1.jpgWhilst still showing 86%, I decided to give the unit a thorough test and followed up by charging my 3rd Generation iPad, which as anyone who owns an iPad will confirm can take some time to charge even when connected to a suitable power outlet. The RAVPower Xtreme took the iPad from 50% to 100% charged in a little under 3 hours, still leaving me with a balance of 58% in the RAVPower XTreme, which I then used to top up the charge in my Logitech Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard, which it managed without any fuss, leaving me with 51% charging power.

The unit does carry a price tag of £149.99 on, but I have noticed that are offering the same unit on sale at the moment for $49.99, saving a whopping $140.00 off the normal price of $189.00. Hopefully this discount will also become available for potential purchasers outside of the USA in the near future too.

All in all the unit has proved itself as a valuable addition to my travelling kit, and with its built in iSmart technology which dynamically adjusts the power outputs of the 3 USB ports to provide a balanced charge for upto 3 devices at a time, I am sure that it will save my bacon on a number of occasions over the coming months.