imageWe have now been in Cornwall for almost a week, unfortunately we are not here on holiday, so we haven’t had any time to do the normal tourist things that we indulge ourselves in, around one of the most beautiful parts of the British Coastline that Cornwall has to offer.

I have been working remotely for the week, thanks to the kind hospitality of Sharon’s sister and their superfast BT Infinity Fibre broadband connection, which has made the task of working remotely a breeze. It is great to see that the government have honoured their pledge to bring faster broadband to the people of Cornwall.

Sharon has been spending the week caring for her very poorly mother, who was shockingly diagnosed with Liver Cancer just after Christmas, and the family will be gathering in Cornwall, from all over the UK on Saturday to help her celebrate her 80th Birthday.

All in all it has probably not been the enjoyable and restful visit that we normally enjoy in Cornwall, but we are hoping for a little respite on Sunday to take the opportunity for a long walk on the beach, unfortunately without Cassie, our loyal female Doberman, who would have thoroughly enjoyed the beach and sea, but this was not a visit that she could accompany us on, but next time we visit, we will be sure to bring her along. She will then have the pleasure of being accompanied by a new addition to the family, as by then Wilson, our newly adopted male Doberman puppy, one of the Famous 14 Doberman rescue puppies will be with us.

Then on Monday we will be packing all our belongings back into the car and trundling our way back up the A30 and M5 towards Leicester, so until next week, I bid you all farewell.