Todays assignment is the toughest one so far, it goes like this:-

Just write…

Aaarghhhh!!!! My worst nightmare has arrived, I need direction, instructions, examples… what sort of course is this!!!

I think I have learnt my most important lesson yet…

…be prepared!

…no, seriously though, I was a little shocked at reading the remit for todays exercise:

Today your writing assignment and activity is simple: Just write.

I was totally unprepared for this assignment, and now I know a little about the concept of “Writers block”, because I have absolutely no idea what to write about.

I am sat on my trusty sofa again, with Macbook Pro on my lap, catching up with some old episodes of NCIS, not exactly the perfect writing environment, but, hey its just the way I roll.

Talking about TV, how many of you are forgoing Terrestrial/Digital TV services, in favour of the advertisement free streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime? Personally, I find the prospect of watching, what I want, when I want, so appealing, that we have recently reduced our cable package back to a minimal subscription. I have been a subscriber of Netflix for a good few years now and the inclusion of Amazon Prime Instant Video (formerly LoveFilm) with my Amazon Prime subscription, just added another string to the bow, that is .

Due to my being an Amazon Prime member, I was offered the ability to become an early UK adopter of the Amazon Fire TV, at a greatly reduced price, when it launched in late October 2014.

I found the Amazon Fire TV to offer such a good streaming service, including the ability to view Amazon Prime (naturally), and also Netflix, combined with its ability to run the Plex Media Player client. The Amazon Fire TV has now pretty much replaced my Apple TV 3, as my favoured streaming device, primarily due to its ability to run a great number of streaming apps, such as Crackle TV etc.

I now hate advertising so much, that I would rather miss something on TV, record it on the Tivo or catch it later “On Demand” just so that I can either watch it without advertising or at least have the ability to skip the advertising.

I remember reading somewhere that some of the major US cable networks such as HBO are considering offering a stand-alone streaming service, to capitalise on the internet users that currently do not subscribe to expensive cable tv bundles. I wonder if these will be available without advertising.

SKY have already started providing a similar service with the Sky NOW TV package that offers internet streaming of certain selected Sky Channels, I haven’t tried Sky NOW myself, however, if anyone has any comments on any of the streaming services, then I would love to hear them?

Well that’s me done with my “Just writing” for today, hopefully next time I will be a little better prepared.

Bye for now folks!!!