Setting some Goals for 2015…

Well Guys, the assignment for today, is to set myself some realistic writing goals for the year ahead.

It all sounds easy enough, but the task is to use the SMART approach, which in the words of John Saddington are as follows:

  • [S]pecific – target a specific area for improvement.
  • [M]easurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
  • [A]ssignable – specify who will do it.
  • [R]ealistic – state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
  • [T]ime-related – specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

Pretty cool huh! it spells SMART…


I may have mentioned this a few times in my previous posts, but “Specifically” I am committed to improving my writing, not just in regards to my blog, but right from the ground up. I want to strive to improve my vocabulary, hopefully, in time I will be able to learn the nuances of injecting stories and humour into my writing, although I have never really been a great storyteller. No, honestly, I have difficulty remembering and relaying jokes that I have heard.

So, to this end, I am publicly committing myself to writing a minimum of, 1 post per week. I am not promising that they will all be War and Peace tales, but they will be relevant to the theme of my website, …me, …my work, …my life, so they could be about pretty much anything really…[grin].

As part of my struggle to improve my writing skills, I feel that it would be of great benefit, if I could also commit to reading some more, particularly more non-fiction, such as biographies etc.. Therefore, I am going to publicly commit to reading at least 1 book every month. Not much of a committment you might think, but trust me I read quite slowly and I am not able to just pick up a book and read a few paragraphs, I have to commit myself to read an entire chapter at a time, and it is not always possible for me to slot that in easily during my busy working days.


I am somewhat pensive, as to how, I will quantify my progress in regards to improving my writing, but I am hopeful that my readers will assist me in that regard, as I will be publicly sharing my posts on the following social media sites…

…so be sure to check them out and give me your comments, these can be either complimentary, critical or argumentative. It will be the readers comments that will help me to quantify and measure my progress.

With regards to my reading, I will allow you all to measure this, by publicly committing myself to writing and posting a review, on each book that I read, (well, all being well, that covers at least 12 of my pending posts for the year).


Well, this one is difficult…

  • I assign my partner Sharon, to be patient with me, whilst I spend even more time, bashing away at my keyboard.
  • I assign my Dobermann, Cassie, to drag me away from the keyboard from time to time for Walkies…
  • I assign myself to fulfil the commitments that I have made.


I would really love to commit myself to writing a minimum of one post everyday, but the experience of writing everyday for the past 8 days, whilst taking part in the “10 Days to a Better Blog” challenge, have already made me realise that this type of committment on my part, would be neither tenable or maintainable in the long-term. I even considered attempting to complete 2 posts per week, but soon realised that this would also be running before I had learnt to walk.

I trust that you will therefore agree, that my level of commitment is, in real terms, both “realistic” and achievable.


The results, should, I hope, speak for themselves as the days, weeks and months that lie before us in 2015, gently propel us towards Christmas (…only 346 days to go) and the year 2016…

So, please help to keep me on my toes, and I hope that you will join me, on what promises to be an interesting ride…