Well todays assignment is to install Google Analytics, something that I have had installed on my site for quite some time…

That really makes me sound proficient, but here comes the “crunch”, I have very rarely taken any notice of it or really looked at the information that it gives me, or more to the point, I probably do not really, fully understand the information that it gives other than the obvious information.

I have already reported on some of the information in my Day 5 assignment, but I would like to give you all a little list of my Top 5 “Most Visited Pages of 2014” and my Top 5 “Most Visited Posts of 2014”

Most Visited Pages of 2014

Installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on IBM AIX 7.1 (2,666 Visits)

Uninstall VyprVPN – MAC OSX (1,655 visits)

OpenVPN / VyprVPN and DD-WRT Router (1,554 visits)

OpenVPN / VyprVPN Router using Ubuntu Server (830 visits)

How to install ssh and disable telnet on AIX 6.1 (779 visits)

Most Visited Posts of 2014

Uninstall VyprVPN – MAC OSX (1,655 visits)

OpenVPN / VyprVPN and DD-WRT Router (1,554 visits)

OpenVPN / VyprVPN Router using Ubuntu Server (830 visits)

Cheat Sheet Repository (45 visits)

Setting a Lock Screen Message on OS X (38 visits)

I can see that the most visited posts on my site have been related to technical articles that I have written and although I am not disappointed by this, it is in stark contrast to my personal posts, which do seem to have received very little exposure, especially when I consider that my last few posts related to the 10 Days to a Better Blog have received more exposure than ANY of my other personal posts over the past 12 months.

Does this mean that nobody is really interested in my personal posts? Maybe it does, or perhaps it just means that my personal posts do not generate search engine results, but really my personal posts are more for my benefit and I hope that they will begin to form a journal of my life, that others may or may not find interest in.

I will most certainly try to post a wider range of posts related to my personal technical experiences as these certainly do seem to have been my most visited posts, but I am sure that a lot of these visits have been bounce visits where my results have turned up in search engine searches and may or may not have been of real use to the reader.

I am sure that the real gauge of success should most likely be the comments that one gets from readers, and although these have been very limited on my site, I hope to improve on this and generate some more interest. I certainly hope that as my writing improves, this will promote more interaction from my readers.

Intrinsically, my goal for 2015 is to write more and work on my writing skills, additional visitors and greater interaction will just be icing on the cake.

So what are your thoughts on Google Analytics and how have you found the information useful?

I will certainly be reading my fellow budding writers post to see if their interpretations of the data give them any insights that I am missing.

Goodnight all…