Optimise not Categorise!!!


Well, this is going to be an off the cuff post, due to the fact that I have not long ago finished work, but I did not want to disappoint my readers or most importantly, I didn’t want to disappoint myself.

I will be honest though, I have not had great deal of time to thoroughly investigate/dissect/analyse my blog completely, but I have ascertained that although my most popular posts according to my Annual Stats appear to be the Technical ones, my past few days, being involved with the #10daysbetterblog community have also been well read, so thank you all. It’s really encouraging to know that being part of the talk.desk.pm community has had such a positive effect on my writing and my readers.

I promise you all that I will spend some time investigating and analysing my site over the coming days and post an update with my findings…

I can’t believe that I am actually writing this post on my iPhone using the Drafts app (no Desk.pm for iOS yet unfortunately), obviously, I have not learnt anything from Day 3’s assignment, or perhaps I have – I feel comfortable and relaxed writing this post on my iPhone, and that is what matters, really. Just kidding John, I have taken the advice on board, honest!!!!

Later, people…

[Update – Saturday, January 10, 2015]

Well, I have managed to take a bit of time to do some analysis of my WordPress site stats and I am still quite happy with my current small list of categories which are as follows:

  • [Main Category]…my life
  • [Sub Category] Out & About
  • [Main Category]..my work
  • [Sub Category] IBM/AIX
  • [Sub Category] Social Media
  • [Sub Category] VMware
  • [Sub Category] Web Related

I may decide to tweak the Categories slightly and perhaps add one or two additional Sub Categories, but I am happy that they will be easy to manage and keep the majority of my posts in the right areas, I am thinking that VMware will get likely get renamed to Virtualisation so that I can cover additional subject areas.

The posts that seem to have attracted the majority of views all seem to be technical related posts, which are the areas that I did originally intend to focus on, but I would now like to cover not only the technical and works aspects of my life, but also a lot more of my personal life and experiences. This is something that I want to do for myself, although I am sure that I will continue posting more technical articles and possibly some reviews too.



I certainly have a large number of Tags and these may be something that will require some pruning, mainly because even I have trouble remembering the tags that I gave to my posts, which obviously made total sense when I added them to the post,  and searching them may prove difficult. I am going to spend a little time reviewing these and trimming them to something more coherent and logical.


I was quite pleased to see that the views/visits to my site seem to have grown steadily over the past few years, which considering the relatively small number of posts that I have made, make me feel positive, that with a little commitment on my part, there is a potential for the site to attract a growing number of visitors, and who knows perhaps even some subscribers in the future.



I know that i have some work to do, but all in all I am not unhappy with the Statistics for my site, but I would like to hope that with a little tweaking and a certain amount of commitment on my part that this could be improved.

Well, that concludes the initial inspection of my site, but I think that it will be an ongoing project to keep things tidy, sensible and logical.