10 Days to a Better Blog – Day 10

//10 Days to a Better Blog – Day 10

10 Days to a Better Blog – Day 10

The Finishing Post…

Well, the final day of the “10 Days to a Better Blog” has arrived and the assignment is…

Reflection and a bit of Introspection

I have to be fair, the 10 days have absolutely flown by and it really does not feel like it has been 10 days…

I have found the entire experience to be most enlightening, and I have learnt a lot about not only myself, but also a lot about other people and their struggles and concerns with their writing.

I do feel that I still have a lot to learn and I do not feel that at this moment I have a natural flow to my writing.

Why do I feel like this?

I have followed a lot of other writers posts during the previous 10 days, with great interest and admiration. I have found the writing to be inspiring and thought provoking in a number of ways, that in reflection, do lead me to consider that my writing is very much in its infancy and needs a lot of work. However…, I do feel positive that together with a little help from our new writing community, I will find a writing style that suits me and this will in turn be reflected in my forthcoming posts.

I started on Day 1 by offering up my Commitment publicly to the “10 Days to a Better Blog” challenge, and then followed this up with my Why do I Write? post on Day 2, which really had me thinking and wondering about the reasoning behind my wanting to write.

Day 3 had us considering our Writing Environment, and despite my initial thoughts in relation to my writing environment at that time, I have found that the past 10 days have been spent writing from the comfort of my Sofa, normally with the distraction of the TV in the background. Some people will surely consider this to be a less than perfect environment, but I have found that it helps me to think…

Day 4 was a day of Rest and Reflection, where I still felt the need to write, reflecting on the commitment that would be required…

On Day 5 we were asked to Optimise not Categorise, which upon reflection was a reasonably easy task. I considered that my current range of categories were minimal enough to be easily manageable and would easily cover the majority of posts that I would be likely to post. The Tags do still need some work and will be in my agenda over the coming weeks.

Day 6 was all About Me…, time for some updating and consideration for our About page or in my case the …me page.

Day 7 got us all thinking about Analytics, something that I had installed on my site a long time ago, but never really given a great deal of credence to in the past. I found the exercise really interesting especially learning that the previous weeks activity on my site had generated a reasonable amount of traffic, just goes to show that writing does generate some results.

Day 8 was all about being SMART and setting some Goals and I would like to think that I have been smart enough to not be too optimistic with my goals for 2015.

Day 9 was probably my least successful day, where our objective was to Just Write, and looking back, I think I just rambled on senselessly and discovered that “Just writing” was not something that I could achieve with any real credibility. With hindsight, I would just like to delete the post and rewrite it, but I have decided that if forms a vital part of my learning process, therefore, I will leave it exactly as is, to remind me of the vital steps that I have taken over the last 10 days to improve my writing and more importantly to improve myself.

Thank you to our Mentor, John Saddington and also to my fellow writers who have all given me the inspiration to continue writing, let’s face it things can only get better….

If any of you are considering improving your writing skills or just want to learn more about writing, I would urge you to visit John Saddington’s Community for tips and discussions about writing or you could even sign up and take the 10 Day challenge yourself. Also, don’t forget to check out John’s Blog and see what a man who is truly serious about writing has to say…

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