Well it would appear that my attempts to get things written down and published has been suffering of late, so I have decided to take up the 10 days to a Better Blog challenge presented by John Saddington of Desk.pm and commit myself over the next 10 days to get my thoughts out there.

I do not consider myself to be a writer, but there is certainly a lot of stuff bouncing around in my head on a daily basis and the prospect of getting those erratic and mixed up thoughts written down and published for all to see is somewhat scary.

In line with the suggestions and processes put forward by John, I would appreciate the help of my readers to keep me focused and accountable, and if necessary push me to get through the next 10 days. I am hoping this will be what I need to kickstart my thought processes and this in turn will lead to some more constructive and creative writing that may be of interest to some of you if not all of you.

I will be publishing the details of my writing and the assignments that I undertake via my Twitter account @mikescheerer, using the hashtag #10daysbetterblog, so feel free to give me a friendly/nagging nudge if you feel that I am not keeping up with my end of this commitment and please, please, give me your criticism, constructive or otherwise to keep me on track to complete the next 10 days and who knows what the future may bring.

I’m already having trouble with the “Don’t SELF EDIT” part, I just can’t help myself, when I see the mistakes as they appear on the page, I just have to go back and correct them.

Well, it looks like my first 15-20 minute assignment is coming to a close, so please check back with me again tomorrow to check out the next assignment.