IMG_5142Well we are officially on our way for the
USA – New England roadtrip.

Starting in Leicester, UK,  we sat in a 20 minute traffic holdup in Lutterworth, before eventually getting onto the M1 only to end up sitting in another 20 minute hold up at the Cathorpe Interchange, which turned out to be a broken down car in the fast lane (How can anyone BREAKDOWN in the FAST lane)?

After that we progressed nicely down the M1 and surprisingly easily around the M25 until we reached the M40 Interchange and got stuck behind Gordon Ramsay in his Ferrari (yes it really was him too, because we overtook him and he was definitely driving).

We have now arrived safely at the hotel and will settle in for the night and an early start in the morning…

Stay tuned for some more interesting posts to come…well I certainly hope they are going to be more interesting!