Uninstall VyprVPN – MAC OSX

//Uninstall VyprVPN – MAC OSX

Uninstall VyprVPN – MAC OSX

I had some trouble finding details of how to remove VyprVPN from my Mac with OSX Mavericks 10.9.3 installed

After contacting GoldenFrog Support this is the information that they gave me:

In order to completely uninstall VyprVPN from your Mac.

Please log out of VyprVPN and drag the application to the trash.

Then, quit the vyprvpnservice listed in Activity Monitor.

If you have trouble quitting the process, open Terminal on your Mac, and type the following:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/vyprvpnservice

Press return, and you’ll be prompted for your password, which should be your login password (you won’t see characters while typing the password).

After running the command and entering your password, the list of files that are displayed can be removed:

If you have difficulties locating the files listed, you can go directly to the path by pressing command+Shift+G and pasting the file paths.

If you too are having problems finding this information, then I hope this helps!
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  • Thanks for the info, post has now been updated…

  • torroze

    Thanks! Should have read the comments first. Mike’s terminal command didn’t work for me, but just deleting the app did.

  • aitte

    There are a very tiny amount of old text logs left. You can delete those manually if you are advanced and care enough. Just run this command in a terminal to find them:

    sudo find -x / -iname “*golden*frog*” -or -iname “*vypr*vpn*”

  • aitte

    It was much easier now in 2016: Open VyprVPN, Log out (this deletes the Keychain items), Quit the app, and then drag it to the Trash. It will detect that you are doing this and will say “It looks like you are uninstalling VyprVPN, would you like to uninstall the system components too?” and you just say yes and it will unload the helper etc… Please update the blog post 🙂

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  • Georg


  • Junior

    That’s great info, thanks!

  • SgtPlcuk

    Thanks – been trying a few different ways to stop vyprvpnservice from persisting in Activity Monitor after ‘unistalling’ VyprVPN – all without success. The above worked, except I needed to navigate to /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/vyprvpnservice via Finder and then delete ‘vyprvpnservice’ from that folder to stop it re-appearing after reboot. I wonder what ‘vyprvpnservice’ does….