Setting a Lock Screen Message on OS X

//Setting a Lock Screen Message on OS X

Setting a Lock Screen Message on OS X

Untitled Blog Post NameI found out recently that as well as requesting your password the MAC Lock Screen can also display a message.
This could be useful for Macbook users who may like to think that there was a remote possibility of getting their Macbook returned in the unfortunate case of it being misplaced or lost during a business trip or whilst attending a conference.
Here is a step by step guide as to how this can be accomplished…
Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy

You may have to unlock the screen by clicking the Padlock bottom left and entering your password, once this has been done you can then Check the “Show a message when the screen is locked” item and click the “Set Lock Message”

Here you can enter any text that you want to be displayed and then click OK

Voila, now you have the message displayed at the bottom of your lock screen…

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