Well, at long last my transition to Apple is complete….

Having made the first steps to the Apple fraternity with the original iPhone and progressed through every iteration of it since, together with owning the original iPad and progressing to the 3rd and 4th iterations of that too. In December last year the home desktop transition was made to the 27″ iMac, which just totally blew my mind.

Now, I am pleased to say that my employer has also made the move to Apple and my old Dell laptop has also been replaced with a top specification 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display.

I hear people asking, all the time “How can anyone justify the expense of Apple?”

I will tell you how!

It really is quite simple!

20130224-101342.jpgNow, when I turn on my trusty iMac or MacBook Pro, it takes approximately 15 seconds before I am able to begin work, and by that I mean working on the document, development tool or whatever it is that “I” want to work on.

When I connect or add something to my Mac, it just works, I am not spending hours googling for drivers and settings before my device does what it is supposed to. When I receive a support request from a client I can be accessing their systems and dealing with their requests within seconds, that alone in my eyes is worth the added expense.

I now have control of my computing experience “it” no longer has control of me…