Hi all, sorry but nothing new to report regarding the progress of the iMac programming due to an unexpected bout of unwelcome Bronchitis.

You would think that with being laid up at home there would be plenty of time to get involved in a bit of in depth reading and programming practice wouldn’t you?

Well, the thing is, despite being officially confined to home I have actually still been working from the home office and I have been pretty tied up with writing a training course for one of my clients next week which is a totally new experience and one that I will not be looking to repeat in the near future…

In the words of a colleague’ Anthony English (@AIXdownUnder), five words that are guaranteed to massively increase your workload.

Can you please document that?

Well I have another eight words of my own that will multiply that workload exponentially and they are:

Can you prepare a training course on that?

So if you get asked either of those questions, just run like hell….!!!