This white paper, maintained and updated by IBM Advanced Technical Support is intended for IBM Power Systems Customers, IBM Technical Sales Specialists and consultants who are interested in learning more about the requirements involved in building and tuning an Oracle RDBMS system for optimal performance on the AIX platform.

The white paper contains best practices which have been collected during an extensive period of time by Damir Rubic of IBM and a team of his colleagues whilst working with Oracle RDBMS based environments. It is focused on AIX versions 5.3, 6.1, 7.1 and Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g.

The white paper begins with a short description of the most important Oracle DB architectural elements. It continues with an overview of the AIX related tuning elements that are most crucial for optimal Database activity.

The document can be expanded for use in many different OS or DB related scenarios and additional information on related topis are included in the appendices of the paper, as well as references to supporting documentation.

Please note: This paper is NOT focused on the application tuning areas. Application tuning is a subject far too broad to be covered in a white paper of this length.

Equally important to AIX and Oracle DB tuning is the careful planning of the DB storage layouts, and more information on this topic can also be found in the appendices.

The latest version of the whitepaper can be downloaded at the following link: