It was with a heavy heart that I read an article in The Telegraph today where a government think tank put forward the following suggestion:

“The £1 billion estimated annual cost of OAP travel passes was one low-priority item of spending that did nothing to improve the economy and should be scrapped.”

Unfortunately, looking after our pensioners will never do anything to improve our economy, so the suggestion that we should scrap anything that does nothing to improve our economy seems to be a rather harsh solution to that problem, perhaps we should scrap the NHS too then as that does nothing to improve our economy either, and I am sure we could all think of a few more suggestions too.

But it doesn’t end there, the think tank were not satisfied with just scrapping free bus passes as further comments suggested that:

“Almost half of the £15 billion could be raised by halving higher rate pension tax relief and the rest from taking away winter fuel payments and free television licences from wealthier pensioners.”

Whilst we might agree in principal that wealthier pensioners should not be entitled to the winter fuel payments and free television licenses, they should in turn NOT be penalised with higher tax rates just for having had the ability and wherewithal to provide for their own retirement during their working lives.

Perhaps this think tank should direct their attention to the Human Rights debacle that exists whereby proven foreign criminals and illegal immigrants, who do absolutely NOTHING to improve the economy and never will, can avoid deportation because of their rights to a family life or because they have a pet.

Forgive me, but of course, I forget, it is preferable to detain these foreign criminals and immigrants with legal aid bills in the millions of pounds, and help them to fight their human rights cases, within our prisons at the cost of £40,000 per prisoner per year, which is far more beneficial to our country and economy than taking care of those pensioners that have worked their entire lives and paid their taxes for the benefit of OUR economy.

We are allowing our politicians to turn this country into the Worlds refugee camp and a benefit haven for every oppressed race and hard up European that cannot get benefits in their own country.

So, unless we stand up and tell those same politicians that enough is enough then it will not only be Greece that is bankrupt and rioting in the streets. If we do not act now, then the UK will end up in the same situation and all those scrounging refugees and immigrants will be the first ones to desert the sinking ship as soon as their benefits dry up!!!!

Now, before you go getting on your soap box, my comments have NOTHING to do with racism, I am perfectly happy and agreeable for any person of any nationality, race, or colour who wants to benefit from the British way of life to do so, provided that they work and pay their taxes like the rest of us. it is those that arrive here and take all of our social housing and scam every benefit under the sun, ending up living in six bedroomed mansions, at the expense of the tax payer, and then refusing to take a job because they will be £20 a week worse off, than by staying on benefits that I am referring to.

Human Rights are all well and good, but why should someone that can’t be bothered to get a job and look after themselves, be entitled to the same rights and privileges as someone who works full time to support and provide for their family.

The whole ethos of “working to better yourself” is no longer applicable in todays society and can i just point out that the definition of Poverty is “the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support;”, and that means you can’t afford to put food on the table, pay your rent or utility bills and NOT that you can’t afford your Sky Television, the latest new iPhone contract or a new 42” LED Television.