imageThis IBM® Redpaper™ publication introduces PowerVM® Active Memory™ Deduplication on IBM Power® Systems™ based on POWER7® processor technology.

The latest draft can be found at the following link:

Active Memory Deduplication is a virtualization technology that allows memory pages with identical contents to be deduplicated in physical memory. This is designed to free up physical memory positions so that more data can be held in memory at once.

Memory deduplication is intended to work in a shared memory environment. Therefore, it works together with Active Memory Sharing which is a technology to allow multiple partitions on a system to share a pool of physical memory, sometimes creating an over commitment of this physical memory. Active Memory Deduplication increases the performance of Active Memory Sharing since the savings can be used to either lower memory over commitment levels or to create room to increase logical partitions’ memory footprint.

This paper is targeted to both architects and consultants who need to understand how the technology works to design performing solutions, and to technical specialists in charge of setting up and managing Active Memory Deduplication.