So, this is my first blog entry, completed with my iPad whilst remotely connected to my desktop computer…

What’s that?

Why, you ask?

Well, let me explain! I really like the functionality and ease with which I can create and publish a blog entry with Windows Live Writer, which I really consider to be one of the best blogging applications available today. The only drawback is, it is only available on Windows. by the very nature of the fact that many people want and in some cases need to get their blog post published to the net as soon as possible, it is extremely unfortunate that the applications currently available for the iPad and iPhone are somewhat lacking in their functionality and can be rather cumbersome.

However by utilising Teamviewer which is installed as a service on my home desktop and then by using the Teamviewer client app on my iPad, I can now connect to my desktop and remotely create my blog entry using Microsoft Live Writer with all its functionality.

Although not an ideal solution it is certainly an interesting one, but I would much rather be using Microsoft Live Writer as a native iPad/iPhone application, so what say you Microsoft?