Family Motto – “We work hard and we play hard”

//Family Motto – “We work hard and we play hard”

Family Motto – “We work hard and we play hard”

I know it is April 1st, and it is officially April Fools Day, but I do think that some members of the family, Dean Cox in particular, (who shall remain nameless to avoid any undue embarrassment), are taking things a little far. He can be seen here trying to recapture his long lost youth by attempting to reacquaint himself with his childhood friend Thomas the Tank Engine, but one small matter seems to have escaped his attention, the fact that he has grown a little since his childhood days, but he is not going to be put off by a small thing like “size”. It is good to see that he has taken things seriously and is wearing the recommended safety clothing!

To top the day off with a lovely big Aaaaawwwww!!!! We then find Great Grandmother Joyce, presiding over a “Cool” or “Uncool” decision a la Jeremy Clarkson in regards to the latest open top sports vehicle to grace the table. I do think that Tia is definitely in the “uncool” camp, but CJ on the other hand is most certainly firmly in the “Ice Cold” camp…

… And all in all it just goes to prove that whatever adversity we as a family may have to face on a daily basis there is always time for a bit of fun, and you are never too “old” to have some fun…

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