I’m really not sure when was the last time I drove South on the M1 from Leicester but I can assure you that it was most definitely no longer than 3 weeks ago!

webI’m sure you are all wondering "Why is he so worried about when the last time was, what difference does it make?" etc. etc. Well allow me to enlighten you, because today I travelled to Northampton and much to my surprise and utter amazement, a "Wind Farm" consisting of 4 very large wind turbines has materialised and is pretty unmissable between Jct. 21 and Jct. 20 of the M1, that is to say between Leicester and Lutterworth.


It is to say the least a pretty impressive feat to think that these 4 wind turbines have been installed and erected in under 3 weeks, but I can assure you they were not there on 6th March, but they are most definitely there today.

if only the local councils could repair all the potholes in the roads with that sort of vigour and efficiency!