My poor old Mum reached the ripe old age of 87 years young today….well done and congratulations for seeing in yet another year Mum!

We decided that it would be nice to pay her a visit, which we did this morning. I was well surprised by all the cards and presents that she had received from her friends and neighbours, it was nice to see, and they bought her a birthday cake too!

imageWell, we took her out to Byrkley Garden Centre, which although it is a little more expensive than a lot of the other garden centres is still her favourite.

True to form, she spent another small fortune on an abundance of plants, before we took her home and left her to her afternoon nap, before she wakes up and spends a couple of hours pottering around with her new plants.

My sister is taking her on holiday at the beginning of April, they have booked and paid for her to stay in a Static Caravan at Yetheridge Farm in Devon, which I am sure she will enjoy immensely, and I will never hear the end of how her caravan was much better than the one she stayed in….you wait and see!!!!

Anyways, Happy Birthday Mum here’s hoping you will have many more to come.