I have been using Dropbox and MobileMe as a means of having essential data available to me via the “Cloud” for quite some time and both products have served me very well.

However – today I have discovered a UK based product called Livedrive, which is available to everybody and offers an unbeatable opportunity to backup and store an “UNLIMITED” amount of data in the cloud.

The service offers a number of frankly unbelievable features and all for what is a relatively low monthly charge when one considers how valuable one’s data actually is.

The obvious features that drew my attention are the fact that they offer

  • Unlimited Storage Space
    (The amount of storage space to store files – can be used for any type of files you want),
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    (The amount of data you can transfer to and from Livedrive each month)
  • Unlimited Transfer Speed
    (The speed at which you can upload and download from Livedrive is never throttled.
  • Unlimited Computers
    (The number of computers on which you can install the Livedrive software).

I have taken advantage of the 14 day free trial of their more expensive package called “Backup and Briefcase” which retails for £9.95 per month, but if you do not require the full set of features then you can take advantage of the standard “Backup” package for as little as £3.95 per month.

I am putting the product through its paces and I will update you all in due course to let you know how useful I am finding the service in real-life terms, but in the meantime please check them out at the following weblink:-