After three and a half sometimes frustrating, but essentially happy years at Keystone Computer Group, it was sadly time to start looking for another career move, and the even more frustrating question of what direction to pursue reared it’s head!

Having now spent a large number of years pursuing a wide ranging and fortuitous career in the I.T. industry, perhaps for me it no longer holds the glamour and prestige that it did in those early days of the 1980’s.

I.T. now plays much more of a part in everybody’s daily lives and seems to just be taken for granted by most people. Every child can now practically type on a keyboard before they can even write their own names. Long gone the days of attending a 6 week touch-typing course in order to be able to master the art of typing. Come on be honest how many of you know the true meaning of the term “home keys” and no it’s not that key that sits somewhere around the number pad of your keyboard!

Computers are with us everywhere we go and they play a large part in almost every aspect of our lives. Is it because we are confronted by computers at almost every turn that I.T. Is becoming a path that fewer students are considering or choosing as a viable career?

The general thought appears to be that Information Technology does not pay the high salaries that many now feel can only be associated with the legal, medical and financial professions, but what many fail to realise is that there are many specialised roles within the I.T. marketplace that can demand equal and in some case higher salaries, such as Oracle and SAP Database Administrators, Certified Network Engineers, Virtualisation and Storage Specialists to mention but a few.

There are many challenging opportunities for a rewarding and prosperous career in I.T., so give it some thought!

So, having said all that, what am I going to do to keep myself out of trouble for the next few years?

Ideas on a postcard to….