Well, despite all my initial reservations around the Apple iPad…

Its just a BIG iPhone without a phone….!!!
Can’t see the point of it really
What does it do that my laptop won’t?
Its just an expensive gadget!!!

I decided that despite all those very valid points, the time was right and yes I finally took the plunge and I have to say that I am not disappointed.

Yes it is an expensive gadget, but it is just so useful, handy, provides instant availability, has a battery life that any mobile user will appreciate and performs a valid role that places it squarely between my iPhone and my laptop/desktop.

I would agree that it really is just a BIG iPhone, because it does perform the same function really without the phone and camera of course, but it does it on a larger screen in a much more comfortable format, plus the additional functionality that is offered by many applications does make it an absolute pleasure to use. Combine it with the bluetooth wireless keyboard and then it becomes an even more of valuable tool.

I now use the iPad for a multitude of things, although to be honest it really is most valuable as in internet and media device, and lends itself to being easily taken up and put down whenever the need arises.

…and it really is useful for creating blog posts on the move, like this one!