Over the past few days, I decided to take stock of my Social Media activities and I started by looking at the Social Media apps that I have installed on my iPhone and then considering which ones I actually used on a regular basis.

I could not actually believe the number of apps that I had installed, but it was quite easy to decide which ones to remove instantly, such as Urbanspoon which was a total waste of time because the nearest restaurant to me was some 30 miles away so that had seen a lot of use, and then there was Buzzd which again gave very little local information and unlike a lot of my social media apps had been downloaded because I had come across it whilst using Twitter (incidentally, a social media app that I shall most definitely NOT be deleting), then I came to Foursquare and although I had made some use of the app by checking in to places that I go to regularly and even becoming the mayor of several locations, I sat back to take stock of what useful purpose the application served and could not actually come up with even one, so guess what, yup was the order of the day, and voilà it was gone!!!

So now my social media participation is limited to Twitter for the interesting, what’s going on sort of stuff and Facebook (which I just love to hate, if you know what I mean), to keep up with family and friends.

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