I don’t know about you, but I for one, am totally sick of being bombarded with endless retail marketing campaigns that just seem to come around with daunting regularity.

Come on, you know what I mean, it’s not just Christmas, because then there’s New Year, the Sales, then Easter, and then comes the Summer sales and guess what the latest one to rear its ugly head is?

Retail therapy is the last thing we need to remind us that the kids have been driving us absolutely MAD for the past few weeks, drained us of all our energy, not to mention whatever extra finances we may have managed to scrape together to feed their unnerving and unsustainable appetites. Then we have to contend with their ever frustrating bouts of boredom, that apparently can only be abated with expensive activities like weekly trips to the cinema and shopping or particularily stressful trips to theme parks like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park etc.

Whatever happened to kids being able to amuse themselves, getting up early and leaving home in the morning to meet up with their mates, coming home when they are hungry, then disappearing again until it gets dark, when they would return to eat you out of house and home and then pass out in their beds until the whole cycle begins again the following morning…or at least that’s how I remember the summer holidays!

Well Mr Retailer, let me tell you now, our children do not need the multitude of stationery, coloured pencils, felt tips, glue, spiral bound multiple-coloured notepads etc, etc that you are trying to tempt them with.
What’s more, we do not need to be bombarded with

“Can I have…???”,
“…but, I need it”,
“yeah! But all my friends have got them!!”

every time that we pop into the local supermarket for the everyday essential items such as milk and bread that we need to sustain our children’s appetites, thus ensuring that they can continue to make the remainder of the summer an even more pleasurable experience than they already have!

I am sure that by now most parents see the sign…

…and utter those immortal words

I wish!!!!