Well, I have been at home stranded… either on the sofa or in bed for 3 days now.

Why? I hear you ask, well I will enlighten you all to my plight!

About a week ago, I got a “small” spot on the inside of my leg in the area where the top of my right leg meets my groin, well, probably like myself you would think “So what!” we all get spots from time to time (unless we are celebrities of course!) and they will clear up on their own in good time!!

Well that’s what I thought too…

Now, it is one week later and I can’t even sit down because I have an absess the diameter of a tennis ball and it hurts like merry hell!!!!!!

I saw the Doctor on Wednesday morning who told me it was an infected hair folicle, which would normally have cleared up, but in my case it has become severely infected…well aren’t I the lucky one!

What was the answer? Two courses of anti-biotics and let’s see if that clears it up, otherwise a trip to A&E might be required ( fingers crossed we don’t have to go there me thinks! ).

I am now 2 days into the 7 day course and although the last 48 hours have seen things get worse, I do think that it is now improving, well either that or I am getting used to it!!!

The worst part of the whole thing is not the pain or how uncomfortable it is, the worst part is the fact that I feel like a prisoner in my own house, I can hardly walk, I can’t sit down at all, the only thing I can really do is to lie down, either in bed or on the sofa.

So therefore I am truly…

…Sick and tired of being “Sick”

Update: Day 4 (Morning)

Well, I awoke this morning and things are certainly a little better, the absess appears to have wept a little during the night and this seems to have relieved some of the pressure making me feel a darn site more comfortable, so I am going to take a shower and venture forth unto the world and see how things go…

Update: Day 4 (Late afternoon)

Well, I have to say it has been nice to venture away from the sofa today, but I feel that my excitement about the possibility of having turned the corner as far as the infection goes may have been short lived.

I did manage a visit to Sharon’s daughters, stroll around the garden centre and a mini shopping trip to Sainsbury’s, but alas that is where things started to get a little uncomfortable and upon returning home and surveying the damage, it may have been a little over ambitious, so now I am back into the comfy pyjamas bottoms vegetating on the sofa again.

I think some caution may be called for before leaping around thinking that I am fully recovered, oh well we live and learn I suppose!!!!

Update: Day 5

Well, I am certainly on the mend, had an almost normal day of activities today, drove the car to Beaumont Leys and did a bit of shopping for about an hour or so, then back home for a little bit of light DIY ( repairing and painting door jams ). Then went out for dinner at Nandos… Mmmmm!!! Just gotta love that piri piri chicken! Yum! Yum!
Then it was back home, watched a movie, walked the dog and now resting up a bit ‘cos noticed that the jeans do still irritate it a little, but all in all a good day with only minor discomfort. Go, Go Go anti-biotics!!!