Well, with all the hype of the forthcoming General Election well and truly underway, I have to say that I, like a great number of the residents of these once great British Isles am totally dis-heartened by the whole thing.

Not only have we lost almost everything that once made our country great, we have given up our democratic right to choose for ourselves and given those in power the rights to rule over almost every aspect of our daily lives. We have allowed ourselves to be treated as nothing more than children, by allowing those in parliament to create and empower people with laws that we are told will protect us and that will keep us all safe and secure.

Well the only thing that I am safe and secure about is the knowledge that we are only there to help them line their own pockets and feather their own nests to satisfy their own personal greed and gratification.

When will someone stand up and say “enough is enough”?

When will someone stand up and say “We can’t afford to be the Benefit Office for Europe”, if you have a right to be paid money from the pot that is provided by hard working, honest, law abiding, taxpayers, then “we” have the right to demand that you not only prove that you are entitled to that benefit, but also that your community can call upon you to give something back, by demanding some form of community service in return.

When is somebody going to stand up for the British people and say “We are individuals and we cannot all be rounded up and placed into nice tidy little government designated boxes”

When will someone stand up and question our failing legal system, where the criminals have the upper hand, and teach those criminals that they have forfeited their human rights and will have to earn the right to be treated as a human again? It is time for the criminals to learn that prisons are not just a Travelodge with exit restrictions.

Why do we have to make everything so complicated? The laws were created to protect us and keep us safe and not tie us in up in knots for years and years. Why are the rules that law abiding citizens follow and are so blatantly disregarded by the criminals allowed to continue, let us send a signal to these overpaid lawyers that we will not put up with their lies any more, if there is evidence against a criminal then it should be heard no matter how it is obtained. We have to show society that we are sick of this one law for us and another for them, if a criminal is guilty then let it be proved by whatever means!

Let’s us show the criminals that we do not want to be prisoners in our own homes any more, we want to be free to walk the streets day or night in safety, let us take our lives back!

Isn’t it time that we the people, take control of our own destinies once again and send a signal to those in power that enough is enough, let us make them truly answerable to “US”

I know that I am not the only person that believes that these things are true, but I do believe that a person no matter what his/her race, colour, creed or religion should be entitled to live and work in this country provided that he or she is willing to abide by the laws, rules and regulations that that residency demands. If they are NOT then they should leave!

Simply put, now is our only chance for at least another 4 years to show that we have had enough…