Lynton – the road to Cornwall

///Lynton – the road to Cornwall

Lynton – the road to Cornwall

Well, I decided to take some time out from work for a week and headed for Cornwall, taking the opportunity to reaquaint myself with a few places that I remember from my teenage years on the way.

DSCF3233We decided rather than taking the usual route of the M5 / A30 we would venture off the beaten track and follow the A39 coastal route through Minehead, out onto Exmoor and through Porlock, via the 1 in 4 gradients of Porlock Hill and Countisbury Hill through Lynmouth/ Lynton and Barnstaple and then following the A39 until it meets the A30 again just before Truro…

But before all of that we took some time out in Lynton to stroll around the narrow little streets filled with a number of interesting curiosity shops and a  large number of cafes and watering holes whilst marvelling at some of the wonderful architecture like the classic looking Valley of the Rocks hotel and the amazing Lynton Town Hall, which looks a little like a traditional Tudor residence that has been fused with a traditional English Castle, what do you think?

DSCF3236Then if you take a look across the road from the Town Hall then you can marvel at what I think must qualify as one of the smallest hospitals in the UK…

DSCF3239It really was worth the extra travelling time to just get away from the motorway and rediscover some of beautiful countryside that just passes you by at 70-80mph on the motorway. We are all just so obsessed with getting where we want to go that we have lost the urge to make each trip that we take an adventure by taking the time to discover the abundance of amazing places that are all around us in what really is a truly beautiful country.

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