BIKERGROUP-YOSEMITEWell, as my life is due to clock up its half-century next year, I am looking into the possibility of celebrating this by taking a 3 week road trip in the U.S.A. on a motorcycle.

Now, I fully expect everybody to immediately pipe up with those immortal words “Route 66”, now, whilst I agree that the prospect of driving the infamous “Route 66” from Chicago to Los Angeles does spark a certain amount of interest on my part, I do not think that it is necessarily the be all and end all of the multitude of possibilities that travelling with a motorcycle in the USA has to offer.

There are a multitude of destinations that I would dearly love to travel in the USA and having visited the EagleRider (Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rentals) website, and particularily the Self Drive motorcycle tours section of the site it has not made the decision any easier.

I would love to hear from anyone with some experience of motorcycling in the USA, and hearing about how they found the experience and any tips and experiences that they would care to share.