Useful AIX Commands

///Useful AIX Commands

Useful AIX Commands



oslevel -r

shows the AIX OS Level and Maintenance Level

oslevel -s

shows the AIX OS Level, Maintenance and Fix level


Displays statistical information about the Network File System (NFS) and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) calls.


Verifies files of an installable software product.


Displays System Configuration information

uname -M

Report the Machine Model

entstat -d ent0

Shows ethernet device driver and device statistics.

bootinfo -b

reports last device the system booted from

bootinfo -k

reports keyswitch position
1 = secure
2 = service
3 = normal

bootinfo -r

reports amount of memory

bootinfo -s

[disk device]

reports size of disk drive

bootinfo -T

reports type of machine

bootinfo -y

reports your hardware architecture

oslevel -qr

reports Known recommended maintenance levels

alog -o -t boot

View the boot log

alog -o -t console

View the console log

bootlist -o -m normal cd0 rmt0 hdisk0

Modify the bootlist of the system

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