0516-1147 : Warning – logical volume hd1 may be partially mirrored

///0516-1147 : Warning – logical volume hd1 may be partially mirrored

0516-1147 : Warning – logical volume hd1 may be partially mirrored

I had the same problem a while back.
IBM provided the following**UNSUPPORTED** procedures.

They did fix the issue, but be careful.

1. Make a backup before you do anything

2. Create the map file to specify the PPs you want to remove:

# lquerylv -L `getlvodm -l hd2` -r > /tmp/mapfile

3. vi /tmp/mapfile and remove the good entries.

Example: After you have finished editing your map file it should have just the following:
delete all good entries and leave only the bad entries within this output.

–> added this line to help
00cc978eb3617d1e 493 1
00cc978eb3617d1e 494 2
00cc978eb3617d1e 495 3

The PVID and other lp/pp numbrs listed above are associated with the disk drive we are wishing to REMOVE the logical partitions off of.

4. Deallocate the PPs using lreducelv

# lreducelv -l `getlvodm -l hd2` -s <no. of partitions to remove> /tmp/mapfile

After we are done we should then see

lslv -m hd2

have only one copy and

lsvg -l rootvg

should have the same number for lps and pps.

Note: The first number is the pvid – followed by the number of pp’s followed by if it’s mirrored or not.

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  • Mike Scheerer

    Hi Rohan,

    It looks to me like you need to check your mapfile, because it sounds like you are trying to remove a partition from the good PV and that is something that you really do not want to do. Firstly I would check your /tmp/mapfile and confirm that you are only showing the partitions from the PV that you want to remove them from.

    If you can give me some more information about your problem then I will be happy to try and help you further.

  • rohan anand

    Hi tried this command but getting this error :
    lreducelv -l `getlvodm -l lvbto` -s 72 /tmp/mapfile
    0516-076 lreducelv: Cannot remove last good copy of stale partition.
    Resynchronize the partitions with syncvg and try again.

    Can u suggest plz ?