I had the same problem a while back.
IBM provided the following**UNSUPPORTED** procedures.

They did fix the issue, but be careful.

1. Make a backup before you do anything

2. Create the map file to specify the PPs you want to remove:

# lquerylv -L `getlvodm -l hd2` -r > /tmp/mapfile

3. vi /tmp/mapfile and remove the good entries.

Example: After you have finished editing your map file it should have just the following:
delete all good entries and leave only the bad entries within this output.

–> added this line to help
00cc978eb3617d1e 493 1
00cc978eb3617d1e 494 2
00cc978eb3617d1e 495 3

The PVID and other lp/pp numbrs listed above are associated with the disk drive we are wishing to REMOVE the logical partitions off of.

4. Deallocate the PPs using lreducelv

# lreducelv -l `getlvodm -l hd2` -s <no. of partitions to remove> /tmp/mapfile

After we are done we should then see

lslv -m hd2

have only one copy and

lsvg -l rootvg

should have the same number for lps and pps.

Note: The first number is the pvid – followed by the number of pp’s followed by if it’s mirrored or not.